Hirschpark Luzern, der Wildpark am Reussport


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am 26.06.2019
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Come by and see for yourself

The "Hirschpark Lucerne" (Deer park) is a jewel for local recreation and deer observation in the city of Lucerne. It offers locals and tourist a lovely park to relax in as well as a lesson in biology. It spreads over more than one acre and is home to a herd of 14 deer.

Come to the park and take a look at these majestic, wild animals and learn more about their habits throughout the year. The feeding and checking of the herd takes place between 8 and 10 a.m. daily.

Directions to the Hirschpark Lucerne

  • Bus no. 18 or 19 to the "Friedental" stop. Follow the signs from there
  • Enter the park from the St. Karli neighbourhood (Reussport-Treppe)
  • Enter the park from the hospital grounds (Luzerner Kantonsspital / Luzerner Psychiatrie)